Prior to Arrival

Visa Assistance
Visa applications can be time-consuming and cause a delay if not correct.

Our team are there to assist and can advise what visa and travel documents will be required for a smooth hassle free entry into the country.

Air Ticketing
Although you travel by private jet, business sometimes demand to be flexable and could require commercial travel for some reason. Let this not be a distraction as our team of experts can get you the best and most suitable options available in no time.

Let us know your requirements and we will see that your are on your way in no time.
Hotel Booking
Whilst we are able to arrange any hotel anytime anywhere, we also have dedicated hotels where we enjoy preferential services and rates for our guests convenience.

Talk to us and we can provide you with the options best suited.

Fine Dining
While Michelin-star restaurants may impress, discovering the hidden gems of the culinary world can only be better. And for this we have an edge. Our knowledgeable and well-connected Lifestyle team knows the tricks of the trade and where to eat.

Even if you’re not looking to secure tricky reservations, trust our staff to book upscale dining at the finest restaurants for you and your party. From the latest farm-to-table trends to lavish 12-course gourmet meals, we will book the dining experience that’s right for you.
Car Rental
Car Rental
Our team has access to a variety of Vehicle rental options. We can assist with any request you may desire and will get on the road in a vehicle of your choice.